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Posse Memories 2001-2002

10/31/2001 - Met Kristen and Robin playing football outside with them, Dooger, and some other people.
11/12/2001 - Became friends with Robin walking back from floor hockey.
11/15/2001 - Smashed in temple playing racquetball with Clif.
11/24/2001 - Went to Harrison football game at Silverdome with Robin.
12/3/2001 - Overcame 10-0 deficit to beat Sean Sutton at racquetball.
12/5/2001 - Avalanche/Dead Wings game at Choketown Arena.
12/12/2001 - Kristen's Farewell Dinner at OCB, smashed Adam in the face in racquetball, Clif falls into ditch!
12/12/2001 - People pose for their pics for the website, Avalanche Pimping Pose!
12/12/2001 - The wildly popular Akers Posse website is launched.
12/19/2001 - Went to see Ocean's Eleven with Eric, Robin, and Kristen, then hung out at my house.
1/5/2002 - Robin and Kristen come over to watch Avs/Dead Wings game, then we all go hang out at Eric's house.
1/11/2002 - Lost inaugural Futon Fight to Robin.
1/12/2002 - Robin and Karen confuse me for Hubbard janitor.
1/12/2002 - Robin messes with Goof online.
1/17/2002 - Robin's Avalanche Scarf helps Nemo score with a second left in OT to give the Avs the win over the Desert Dogs.
1/31/2002 - Goof overlooks a conversation between me and Sacco to realize that he's the Goofy Guy.
2/9/2002 - Robin & Kristen poll the floor about my Bruins jersey.
2/9/2002 - Adam attempts to guzzle milk and pukes.
2/9/2002 - Adam misses Goof with the egg.
2/12/2002 - Birthday dinner at Rio Bravo with Eric, Robin, Karen, TJ, Adam, and Clif.
2/20/2002 - Clif and Eric pour cups of water all over each other.
2/22/2002 - Frozen hands after getting Slurpees from 7-Eleven with Robin and Nick.
2/24/2002 - Indoor soccer game vs. trailer trash team, forearmed guy in face.
2/28/2002 - Eric retaliates for last week by instigating a water fight with Clif.
3/1/2002 - Clif pours water on Adam while he's taking a nap.
3/2/2002 - Robin & Kristen randomly show up at my house, we watch Analyze This that night, and Emperor's New Groove on Tuesday.
3/12/2002 - "What a goof" in Spaceballs.
3/12/2002 - Adam leaves cup of piss by Goof's door.
3/16/2002 - College hockey at Choketown Arena with Eric, Clif, and Adam.
3/23/2002 - Nicky Mac breaks the basement ceiling playing soccer.
3/29/2002 - Beat the shit out of my Calc book.
4/5/2002 - Indoor soccer at Dem with everyone, Sally takes out our whole team.
4/6/2002 - Chicago Trip with Robin, Karen, Kristen, Adam, Nick Rossman, and TJ.
4/20/2002 - Goof nails Sacco in the nuts playing hallway hockey.
4/24/2002 - Goof finds out there's been an ad made for him on the AllMSU dating page as a gay guy.
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